You CAN do it all!

This past weekend, my husband and I had an awesome time in Las Vegas!  We went for two reasons: the Teachers Pay Teachers conference and a UFC event.  Both were beyond amazing!  As I sat through the TPT conference, I was flooded with information about making my TPT store grow.  But when I sat back and reflected on the experience, I realized that it was not only about making my store grow, but how I could grow as a teacher, creator, and business person.  It was in that moment that I had a bit of an epiphany.
My epiphany was this:  You CAN do it all!
So many people attribute their lack of performance in life, work, family, etc. to their lack of time.  I think maybe there is enough time, it is how we spend it that becomes our problem.

Erin Cobb, from I'm Lovin' Lit, gave out these LIFE CHANGING planners at her TPT session (Check it out here!).  I cannot wait to put mine to use!  I often feel so overwhelmed with day to day happenings that so many things fall to the wayside.  Now, don't get me wrong... I am often labeled an organizational freak and a planner of all planners.  But still, I often go to sleep wishing I had time managed to accomplish more throughout the day.  Whether it was putting more time to creating TPT products, cleaning the house, walking the dog, cooking a better dinner.  It is always something, right?!
So.. I vow to use my awesome planner in an effort to organize ALL aspects of my life!

Today is the day to start new... with the attitude... YOU CAN DO IT ALL!

Here are a couple of my personal favorite photos of our trip to Vegas!

Our view from our hotel room!
 Some new Alex and Ani bracelets! I had to get the teacher apple of course! :)
Hubby and I at the UFC Fight!