How To: Internet Scavenger Hunts WebQuests

One of my most frequent questions on Teachers Pay Teachers is, "How do you use internet scavenger hunts, web quests, in your classroom?"  Great question!  Here's how:
  • All of my internet scavenger hunt web quests include an embedded link in the PDF.  

  • Students will need to click on this link to get to the website needed to answer the questions.  The easiest way to do this is to host the PDF on a website.  For example, my school uses ItsLearning to post assignments, homework, resources, etc.  I post my internet scavenger hunts on ItsLearning, so that my students can log on at school or at home to access them.  If you have a website for your classroom, Google docs, or a share drive for your school, these are great places to host the web quests!
  • Once your PDF is hosted on a site that the students can get to, you can make copies for each student to write their answers on.  I have my students fold and glue them in their Social Studies Notebooks, so they can be used as a study resource.
  • If all else fails, make copies for the kids and have them type in the web address carefully on a web  browser!  I've done that, too! :)
Interested in trying an internet scavenger hunt web quest in your classroom?!? 
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